Our Technology

Low Dose X-ray
Featuring low dose radiation exposure to ensure patient safety. Dr. Razavi wants to ensure that patients are exposed to the smallest radiation exposure as possible but not compromising the quality of the image being taken. A good picture means more precise diagnosis, precise treatment and a good outcome.
3D X-rays (CBCT)
A three-dimensional imaging with exceptional details is optimal for diagnosis , planning , and treatment  . With its new low dose programs, it can deliver 3D imaging at a significantly lower dose than traditional panoramic x-rays. In fact, a recent study shows that—depending on the field, it offer up to an 85% lower radiation dose than traditional panoramic x-rays. This technology is ideal for treatments such as Dental Implants, dental reconstruction planning, and sleep apnea Treatment.


Intraoral Scanner 

The intraoral scanner allows Dr. Razavi to scan in a smooth, uninterrupted manner.  This is ideal for patients with bad gag reflex. Increased  accuracy over traditional  impressions makes it ideal for dental implant restorations , and planning CAD CAM restorations.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera generates images of remarkable sharpness and clarity. Offering the large depth-of-view necessary for both inside and outside the mouth. Dr. Razavi takes pictures as a part of overall comprehensive examination of the patient’s mouth. The camera delivers consistently clear, pictures that can be easily shared with patients and other practitioners making it the most invaluable tool for long term surveillance and record keeping.