Prosthodontic, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry







A smile can make a memorable lasting first impression. We understand what makes a smile beautiful and can help you achieve this. We will be happy to take care of any of your cosmetic needs. Your first visit will be a consultation where you will have the opportunity to express what results you would like to see. From home bleaching to veneers and real life like crowns, we will come up a natural looking smile that suits you and leave you smiling

Here are some typical responses we get from patients after treatment:

“Should have done it long time ago.”
“I had feared it would be painful.”
“I can chew a lot better.”
“Got rid of my jaw and head aches.”
“Was worried it will look like fake teeth.”
“It has helped a lot with my self confidence.”




Maxillofacial Prosthodontics













We have the expertise, training, and experience to restore and rehabilitate patients with cancer related , traumatic ,and congenital defects. We have the privilege of treating patients from all over the country and around the world.

Our goal is for you to swallow, speak and look as you did before your injury. Treatment may range from simple rehabilitation exercises to complex treatments requiring all facets of dentistry and surgery, requiring collaborative treatment .

Why you should consider us:

  • We understand the complexity of your situation and welcome the challenge.
  • We have a lot of experience with your relatively rare condition.

Our Patients say:

“Wish I knew about your specialty long before.”
“I did not realize these treatment options where available to me.”
“I can eat again.”
“I sound normal.”




Oncologic Dentistry








Since 1990, Dr. Razavi has helped patients deal with a broad variety of oncology-related dental issues. Deeply committed to providing the comprehensive, complex care and special treatment required by patients facing these issues, his services include maxillofacial procedures, preventive dental measures and surveillance, pre-treatment evaluation and elimination of dental infections and dental disease prior to medical treatments as well as long term follow-up and care .

He is also highly skilled in the treatment of osteomyelitis and osteoradionecrosis of the jaws that sometimes results from medical interventions such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. He works with his patients employing conventional dental treatments (implants, crowns, restorations) with special precautions and processes that are tailored to special need of oncology patients. In addition, he is expert at the fabrication of prosthesis and devices to aid in speech and swallowing,

Patients are referred to us for:

  • Pre-Medical interventions screening to rule out and minimize oral dental complications
  • Patients on long-term surveillance and maintenance of oral/dental health
  • Treatment of osteomyelitis and Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ)
  • Dental restoration and rehabilitation
  • Treatment of oral and dental infections in the field of radiation
  • Treatment of oral and dental infections when being treated with chemotherapy
  • Devices to aid in speech and swallowing

Our Patients say:

“I have a peace of mind.”
“I did not know why I was having so many problems with my teeth.”
“I am happy you caught the problem early.”
“I am happy that you understand what I am going through.”




Dental Implants











Dr. Razavi has been providing dental implant treatment since 1990 and can address a variety of patient’s needs. One key advantage to our approach is that all the steps required are done in our office. Whether it is replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or dentures, from initial planning to completion, it’s all done in our office. This approach allows for total control of the treatment and outcome , which is great advantage for patients.

Our office employs the latest technology, including three-dimensional (3-D) dental imaging and scanning to assist in the planning and implantation of implant restorations. These technologies streamline and increase the precision of treatment, for achieving superior, long lasting results.

Implant advantages includes:

  • Immediate replacement of teeth in many cases
  • Replacing dentures and partials with teeth that feel like your own
  • Long-term predictability and cost effectiveness
  • Preserving your tooth structure in case of bridge work












Our patients say:

“I can’t believe I waited so long to do this.”
“They feel like my own teeth!”
“There was a lot of planning involved…but the procedures were painless, with little discomfort the next day.”
“I can eat again!”
“I feel a lot more confident.”
“No more embarrassing dentures.”
“They look and feel like my own.”


Sleep Apnea Treatment














Sleep apnea can have a severe effect on patients general health. We have been providing patients with several prosthetic designs since 1991 and have extensive experience in optimizing the fitting and positioning of apnea devices for maximum comfort and effectiveness. The devices we create are comfortable, portable, and durable and can serve as a non-invasive, highly predictable alternative to Surgery, CPAP or BIPAP . Thus, we can help patients diagnosed with mild to severe sleep apnea by significantly reducing or totally eliminating the apnea condition. In refractory cases this treatment can be used in conjunction with surgery and or other treatment modalities .

Our patients say:

“Best night’s sleep in a long time!”

“I am happy to have an alternative to CPAP.”

“I’m surprised by the small size and comfort of the device.”

“I can’t do without it!”

“ surgery was helpful, but the addition of this device brought my sleep study values to a normal range.”

“I was told I’d have to live with the machine forever.”

“I don’t snore anymore!” Or ” It has significantly reduced my snoring.”